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Акция! Дизайн «MyBB Technical Support»

Stock! MyBB Technical Support Design

Дизайн для форума в тематике компьютерных сообществ или технической поддержки.
Стоимость при покупке эксклюзивно: 2000р 1200р.
Скидка 40%. В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна.

Design for forum in the style of computer communities or technical support.
Exclusive purchase price: 33$ 19$.
40% discount. The cost includes adjusting and editing the design.

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Дизайн «Warlords of Draenor»

Design «Warlords of Draenor»

Детализированный rpg-дизайн для форума гильдии «Warlords of Draenor».
Стоимость при покупке эксклюзивно: 6300р.
В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна под ваш проект.

Detailed rpg design for the guild forum «Warlords of Draenor»
Exclusive purchase price: 40$

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Светлый дизайн в фентези стиле с аниме-графикой

Light fantasy design with anime graphics

Макет для светлого дизайна в фентези стиле с аниме-графикой.
Стоимость: 2600р*.
Дизайн продается эксклюзивно (в одни руки).

Layout for light design in fantasy style with anime graphics.
Prise: 42$*.
The design will be sold exclusively (in one hand).

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Дизайн для форума гильдии WoW Exodar

Design for Guild Forum WoW Exodar

Детализированный rpg-дизайн для mybb форума гильдии в тематике Экзодара.
Стоимость: 2150р*
В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна.

Detailed rpg-design for the Guild Forum in Exodar style.
Prise: 60$*
The cost includes adjusting and editing the design.

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Terms, features and cost

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About design for websites and forums
I work with projects of any subject and make styles of any complexity. The project specialists are limited only by the capabilities of your platform (the site / forum engine).
I am able to design individually from scratch according to your order and for your needs without using ready-made templates.
I adjust to the budget of the customer. If necessary, i will show you how you can save on the design project, and if you overcharge the budget, i will offer additional services.
I can order the creation of mobile (adaptive) design for any platform.
I use the correct graphics format, cross-browser codes, css-sprites, and orientate ourselves in the trends, so that the design is quickly loaded and correctly displayed at different resolutions.
I also deal with scripts: i select, develop and configure scripts, and also embed various video effects, parallaxes, sliders and other technical features into the design.

About the design on the platform
I am specialist in non-standard solutions for forums, and i can help to embody the wildest fantasies and create unprecedented templates.
You can order a style, executed individually from scratch, and not just the redesign of the finished template.
I can move almost any element of the forum to any place and make it any shape or stylization, and also add almost any "piece" to any place.
When i code the design for MyBB it will be tested and corrected on every page of the forum from the user-list to the user profile, and not only on the main and topics.
Any scripts and functional (galleries, video-backgroud, sliders, palaraces, etc.) that you could see on the sites, i successfully get on the platform
I am successfully creating an adaptive mobile version of the design for forums.
I can order a simple site on the forum platform without the need for external hosting.
I also perfectly navigate in the scripts for mybb-forums and popular trends in the community and can do "as there." :)

About gaming design and design of streams
I know what computer games and streaming are, and I have vast experience in designing game content, ranging from small communities and clan sites, to working with large streamers and gaming communities.
Here you can order the design of any gaming streaming service and public on any social network: YouTube, Twitch, GoodGame, VK, FaceBook, etc. As well as all sorts of stuff for content: video covers, banners, highlight editing, etc.
I have basic video editing skills and experience in creating game content.
In short, if you are a streamer or blogger, I can help with the design.


Cost and prepayment
When accepting an order, i do not take an advance payment.
After the development of the layout and its approval by the customer, i expect 100% payment of the order - then we proceed to develop the template and scripts.
We also guarantee the correction of any errors and design bugs that were unnoticed during development and testing, even after the "delivery" of the order.

Payment is accepted:
  • by transfer to a bank account
  • by webmoney (+2.5%)
  • by crediting to donationalerts (visa/mastercard/paypal/etc) (+4.0%)

The cost of the order is calculated individually, depending on the complexity of implementation and the required time for execution.
I recommend that you specify your maximum budget for the order, so that i can calculate how not to go beyond it. When discussing an order, we will certainly help you choose the right version for you.
Also i can make a price list based on your brief to see how the price is formed and what is included in the price of your order, so that you can personally formulate the final task and budget of the project.

The general price list and the approximate cost of designs are not on the site, as i provide a very wide range of services - from creating the simplest styles to individual developments. And the complexity and labor input of an order is affected by many factors: graphics and style details, the complexity of the template and layout, the number of scripts and the complexity of their development - the order can be simple on the one hand and very laborious on the other. Therefore, the price is calculated individually, and in each case it is different.

Development of layout and adjustments
When i develop a layout, i tolerate adjustments according to the wishes of the customer, if they do not contradict the original task and are adequate.

If your adjustments are inconsistent with the original task (for example, ordered a light design, and now asking to make the background black), the order value will be immediately increased or i will refuse to work with you. I can not do double graphic work for the original cost of the order.

If the layout corrections are infinite (then change, move it there, change the color of this element, here remove this element, here move it to the pixel to the left, but there it is empty - add something, etc.), then after another the cost of the order will be increased or i will refuse to work with you.
We normally treat perfectionism and the desire to refine / modify small details of the layout, if these edits fit within the limits of common sense. However, the design layout is not the same as a clothing store, where you can try on everything. Adjustments must be objective and appropriate.

With paid orders, i DO NOT leave my copyrights and links. For self-promotion, i have my own portfolio, i do not use the customer's site for this. But if the customer does not mind, I will not give up a small copyright at the bottom of the site or in the description of the channel.

Design - the property of the customer and he has the right to dispose of it as he wants, i am only creator. You can put the design on any number of sites, spread it publicly and give or sell to third parties, change it, or redo it - dispose of it as you please.

I write convenient codes. I bring code of style to such form, so you can easily change the graphics. Any scripts or HTML-elements i try to bring to such a kind that the customer could easily navigate and administer them. Everywhere there are comments for the convenience of administration, and also in the presence of complex scripts we write detailed instructions for managing them.

When i complete the order, you also get all the source and PSD layout of the style, which allows you to change anything yourself or create new style elements based on the design. Also, having a PSD layout demonstrates your ownership of the design.


In my free time I also consider barter orders.
"Barter order" is an order in which you can pay for services in creating design by barter - with your services / goods.
This can be help in advertising and promotion of my streams and design services, help in creating something for my sites (for example, suddenly, you are a talented programmer, but in design you need help, then you can exchange help on developing scripts on style creation), products (maybe you are ready to send something in exchange for my services for my PC or a box of plush pokemons) and so on. I am considering all offers.

In the case of a barter order, the same order of payment and calculation of "cost" is the same as for a paid one, only with the difference that instead of money i accept as payment your services or products.

When accepting an order, i do not take an advance payment. After the development of the layout and its approval by the customer, i expect 100% payment of the order - then i proceed to develop the template and scripts. The cost is calculated individually. Other conditions for the execution of the order also coincide with paid orders (for details, see conditions for paid orders).

In addition to barter orders, in my free time I can do something for free.

FREE orders are processed strictly ONLY on the forum and are available ONLY to registered users. I do NOT accept free and barter orders by mail, Skype, Discord, etc. Consider that this is your way to somehow pay for the service: place an order here, discuss here and thereby create some activity within this site.

In the case of free orders, i am guided by the principles that only non-commercial projects and novice admins deserve free help. I DO NOT do free work for any popular and commercial projects!
If you earn money from your projects or channels, then our team can accept your order ONLY if it's paid or barter (exchange for service).

Also, when ordering for free, a number of the following work conditions apply:
    • the term of the free order is NOT limited and depends not only on the complexity of the order, but also depends on free time
    • when ordering for free, I want to leave a small copyright or link in the channel description

With free orders for WEBDESIGN, I can set the style in free access or for sale in cases where:
    • The customer does not respond to the completed order within 14 дней after execution (customer "disappeared")
    • The customer no longer uses the work done on the forum / site (there is another design)
    • The forum / site of the customer, indicated at the order, is not updated with content and does not add the number of registered users within 30 days from the time of the order (that is, the order is placed on an "empty" unused forum / site)
    • Forum / site of the customer, indicated at the order, "died" (not available at the site address or was previously active, but no longer used).



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