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Акция! Дизайн «MyBB Technical Support»

Stock! MyBB Technical Support Design

Дизайн для форума в тематике компьютерных сообществ или технической поддержки.
Стоимость при покупке эксклюзивно: 2000р 1200р.
Скидка 40%. В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна.

Design for forum in the style of computer communities or technical support.
Exclusive purchase price: 33$ 19$.
40% discount. The cost includes adjusting and editing the design.

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Дизайн «Warlords of Draenor»

Design «Warlords of Draenor»

Детализированный rpg-дизайн для форума гильдии «Warlords of Draenor».
Стоимость при покупке эксклюзивно: 6300р.
В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна под ваш проект.

Detailed rpg design for the guild forum «Warlords of Draenor»
Exclusive purchase price: 40$

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Светлый дизайн в фентези стиле с аниме-графикой

Light fantasy design with anime graphics

Макет для светлого дизайна в фентези стиле с аниме-графикой.
Стоимость: 2600р*.
Дизайн продается эксклюзивно (в одни руки).

Layout for light design in fantasy style with anime graphics.
Prise: 42$*.
The design will be sold exclusively (in one hand).

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Дизайн для форума гильдии WoW Exodar

Design for Guild Forum WoW Exodar

Детализированный rpg-дизайн для mybb форума гильдии в тематике Экзодара.
Стоимость: 2150р*
В стоимость входит настройка и корректировка дизайна.

Detailed rpg-design for the Guild Forum in Exodar style.
Prise: 60$*
The cost includes adjusting and editing the design.

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How to buy/order a design

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How to buy a design for sale?

If you want to purchase one of the works put up for sale, please contact me:
• e-mail: -
• skype: gerda_from_north_pole
• (for registered users) private message on the forum

Indicate in the message:
1. The name of the design you are interested in (or a link to it)
2. Do you buy an exclusive version or an ordinary version?
3. If the cost includes the completion of the logo and other elements for your project, specify the data to refine the style.
4. If you want in addition to the style to order custom style changes or scripts, please indicate all your wishes.
5. Convenient way of payment for you.

In response, you will receive a message with the answer, where it will be indicated in what time frame we can provide the style (with all the changes that are included in the price). And also, if in addition to the chosen style you indicated custom wishes for finalizing the design that are not included in the price, we will tell you what the total prise will be.
If everything suits you in terms and cost, then you get a design after payment, and the designer is taken to fine-tune the style according to your preferences.

I accept for payment:
  • transfer to bank account or visa card
  • webmoney (+2.5%)
  • crediting to donationalerts (mobile phone/credit cards/paypal) (+4.0%)

Also you can leave your contacts in the topic with design or ask any questions about the specific style there (registration is NOT required).


If you want not a ready-made style, placed in a portfolio, but to hire specialist to develop an individual design, then you can contact me for ordering.
• e-mail: -
• skype: gerda_from_north_pole
• (for registered users) private message on the forum
In the message, send a detailed description (brief) for the design development. I will tell you the cost and the terms, if there are questions on your assignment, then we will discuss.

Orders are also accepted at the project forum:
Webdesign - for orders for styles for forums, full work on the design of forums/sites, etc.
Design for streams and social networks - orders for the development of graphics and logos for the design of streams, channels, public in social networks, etc.
CSS coding & scripts - for orders for the development of scripts and codes for forums/sites (html-tables, sliders, rotators, etc.)

Details about Terms of execution of orders can be read here: Working conditions, features and cost



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ATTENTION! When contacting technical support with questions about scripts/design, leave a link to the forum/site with a problem! The specialist must see the problem in order to suggest how to solve it.

ATTENTION! Guests (not registered on the forum) can post messages, but cannot insert direct links! To leave a message with a link to a website, forum or a screenshot, remove the characters: "http://", "https://" или "www."

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