Information about the section
In this section are made ANY orders for graphics, design, coding, etc.

To place an order you can use special forms:

Webdesign - for orders for styles for forums, full work on the design of forums/sites, etc.
Design for streams and social networks - orders for the development of graphics and logos for the design of streams, channels, public in social networks, etc.
CSS coding & scripts - for orders for the development of scripts and codes for forums/sites (html-tables, sliders, rotators, etc.)

When you fill out and submit the order form, a separate topic with your order will be automatically created, which will receive feedback from the designer.

Also this section can be used by anyone who wants to place an order on their own without using an order form.
To place an order, just create a new topic with the following information:
1. your contact details
2. Is the order paid, free or barter?
3. clear and detailed description of what you want to order

In this topic, you can ask your questions about ordering.