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Cost: 100$ *<br>
Description: Layout «Magic Moscow» for light design<br>

* The design will be sold exclusively (in one hand).<br>
** List of included in the price in description.<br>

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detailed description

  • Adjusting the layout:
      • Replacing the logo for your project, removing / replacing the heat-bird, replacing the icon of the PR button
      • Replacing background images of header and copyright (according to your preferences)
  • Detailed CSS coding for the platform MyBB
  • Archive with PSD-layout, all sources and codes
  • Installation and configuring the style and scripts
  • Other adjustments, changes and scripts are also possible
The layout is based on a free clipart.
I made a difficult work of coloring and collapsing background images (landscapes of Moscow) in header and copyright, but if you want to replace them with something more suitable for your project - the replacement is included in the price.

Detailed layout - almost every element of the forum will be stylized and framed.
The logo in the header will be clickable.
Under the header is a mini-userpanel.
Optionally, a stylized PR button is integrated.
The forum menu will be vertical, to the right of the outline of the forum. Optionally, you can make it fixed (so that it is always at hand when scrolling the page).
The copyright block provides space for two text blocks and banners.
Non-standard layout of the Categories and List of topics.
Buttons for creating topics with a background image (glow with a hover and activation when pressed).
Detailed style of posts.
Profile outline for a fixed size of avatars (150x150)
A detailed style of all forms.
Also, the profile of the user, personal messages, userlist, etc. will be made in the same style.