How to quickly get technical assistance and solve your problem
Learn to properly explain problems with sites.

If designers still have telepathy skills, and they are able to work with expressions similar to "play with fonts", then technical experts are more difficult with this, because their task is to work with specific errors and bugs and offer rational solutions problems - there is no place for imagination or imaginative thinking.
Therefore, we suggest that you read this FAQ to learn how to ask questions in such a way that you immediately get an answer to the question, and technical experts would not have to ask a lot of clarifying questions about your problem.

1. Learning to correctly name a topic.

If you create a separate topic for your question, then it's just that you need to name it correctly.

Try to make sure that the topic name matches your question.
In this case, it will quickly attract the attention of a person who can help you. For example, there are problems with which experienced users of the forum can help you - after seeing the name of the topic, they will enter into it with a willingness to give an answer, and you do not have to wait for the moderators.

Avoid names for ещзшсы like "???", "help!", "how to do?", etc. The topic name should be an exact description of what you need, for example:

How does the question sound?

How to name the topic NOT correctly

How to name the topic CORRECTLY

Where to download photoshop in Russian?


Looking for photoshop in russian

How to make a button up?


Botton "up"

How to add the player on the forum?


Player on the forum

And it is possible to make so that the guests goes on a forum and see on top of it the booklet telling about the game and the forum?

Forum Main Page

Booklet for guests on the main page

how to increase the distance between rows?


distance between rows

2. Learning how to properly explain problems.

Everyone who is well versed in scripts and codes already uses professional terms that you may not know.
Of course, because of this, no one thinks you are stupid and does not blame - everyone once did not know this. There is simply a language barrier that needs to be overcome.

In order for the expert to understand immediately, there is an ideal formula: description + link + picture.

  2.1 Description of the problem
    The secret of a successful description is similar to choosing the right topic name - just need to be precise and concise.
    If you need something to change - describe what is now and what should happen, the desired result.
    If you need to add something new - describe what you want to add, where and how it should look.

    If the problem is with the forum parts that are closed to the guest (admin pages, PM or something else), provide us an account with the appropriate rights. Experts do not have time to register on 100500 forums!
    If you have problems with a particular script, ask for help only if the script is ALREADY installed on your forum / site. Do not remove it until an expert answers your message!
    If you have a problem with the internal pages of the forum, make sure that they are available to the guest. If there is a problem with the submit form, see if the guests can answer at least somewhere..

  2.2 Link
    Nothing improves the description more than links for example, because we can just go and see.
    If you saw somewhere an interesting script and want to do something like this - leave a link to this site / forum.
     If your question contains the phrase "on my forum / site" or something like that, then you MUST put a link to your forum or site (even if it is in the profile). By putting a link, you will speed up the solution of the problem.
    If you have problems with the design - put a link to the site / forum with the problem, the technician can find the problem in the code directly through the site.
    Yes, in general just put the link, whether it is needed or not - suddenly, it will come in handy. It is better to put a link just in case than to wait for a specialist and get a request for a link instead of a ready solution.

    Better links to a forum with a problem, maybe just a direct link to the problem page.
    Do not force a specialist to watch your entire forum for hours in search of a problematic page, leave a link to it!
    For example, if the question is about the submit form, leave a link to the topic page where the forum guests can use it.

  2.3 Picture
    Instead of a thousand words, one picture is enough. You and experts with helpers may have a conflict of terminology, and can call "the things" different elements. A picture will help easily and easily understand your problem.

     If you have something gone, somewhere you need to hide the right line or you just want to repaint this thing on the left - make a screenshot! And show what you want. (Attention! even if you made a screenshot, still leave a link to the site / forum)

    If you want to add or make yourself some kind of thing, but you do not know the site / forum, on which there would be something like that, just open any graphics editor (program "drawing", for example, Paint) and draw a schematic ( as it will be) what you need. For example:

Topic: "looking for a slider script"
Help me find the slider in the form of a running line:
Slider must be a running line that stops (or slows down) when you hover over the content
Buttons are needed (ideally) for rewinding the content. So as not to wait for the right picture to crawl out there, but immediately to watch out for the interesting one.
as a content i plan to insert buttons on css that will lead to all sorts of different scripts and codes directories (and other most popular sections).

More examples of the right applications:

Topic: "joints on the background"
Hello, please tell us how you can avoid these joints on the background:

Topic: "Multiple columns in the table"
How to make the links (or plain text) in the table with tabs located in several columns? (I personally need 3 columns). Example:

3. What not to do when applying for technical assistance.

  3.1 Do not duplicate topics, do not duplicate the issue in different topics.
    DO NOT create several topics with the same question, DO NOT ask the same question in several different forum topics.
    First, technical experts will get confused - it is not clear exactly where you need to answer. Secondly, such attraction of attention to the problem is purely humanly enrages. :mad:
    When you start a topic with your question - bring it to the end, remind directly in it that the issue has not been resolved yet.

  3.2 Do not be impatient.
    Patience is the key to success. You can not raise your topic every minute.
    If the question is urgent, it would be rational to remind of yourself the next day (in 24 hours) - to do this before does not make sense, because the right person today may simply not be online.

  3.3 Do not trust your password to everyone.
     Do not trust the password of the administrator of your site / forum at all and never, even if this is the only condition under which someone promises to help you.
     We strongly recommend that all "experiments" be carried out on a test forum / site, and have a special administrator account there, a password from which you can provide technical specialists.
     If you are asked to send a password to your current real forum, check whether you can trust these people!
     In this forum in the group "You can trust" are located administrators, moderators и Forum Mates. Trusting simple users, you can only at your risk.
     Look carefully: if the user has a negative "reputation" and 2 posts on the forum, do not send him a password, even from the test site.
     In any case - even if you send the password to trusted people - change it after solving the problem!

  3.4 Do not ask questions in private messages.
     PM and skype exists not only to solve your problems, but also for communication - contact there only as a last resort, but not with requests to execute a faster order or write you some script.
     In most cases you will receive a standard template in response to the problem on the forum, so it's better not to waste time on it, but to read the first two paragraphs of this FAQ and create a topic with your problem.

  3.4 Do not be lost.
     If your question is solved - write about it. For example, "thanks, works" or just put a plus in reputation to technical expert.
     Confidence that the issue is resolved, and we were able to help you, brings satisfaction.

Thanks to everyone who has read this FAQ, good luck with the preparation of technical tasks. :)