Section information

In this section, any technical support forums and sites is provided.
Also here you can ask questions about setting up scripts, html-tables and other add-ons.

In this section, we DO NOT help in creating a design, rendering graphics and creating scripts from scratch.

Orders are made according to this Rules:

1. In order to get help in this section, you need to create a separate topic. Do not write in other topics, even if you don't have replies yet.

2. Try to make the topic name match your question. In this case, it will quickly attract the attention of a person who can help you. Avoid names for topics like "???", "help!", "How to do?" etc.
For example, if your question sounds like "How to put a picture in the description of the forum?", Name the topic "picture in description", and not "how to put?"

3. If your question contains the phrase "on my forum / site" or something like that, then you MUST put a link to your forum or site (even if it is in the profile). By putting a link, you will speed up the solution of the problem.
If you have a problem with a specific place on the forum, please provide a direct link to the problem page. For example, if the question is about the submit form, leave a link to the topic page where the forum guests can use it.

4. If the problem is with the forum parts that are closed to the guest (admin pages, PM or something else), provide us an account with the appropriate rights. Experts do not have time to register on 100500 forums!
If you have a problem with the internal pages of the forum, make sure that they are available to the guest. If there is a problem with the submit form, see if the guests can answer at least somewhere.

5. If you have problems with a particular script, ask for help only if the script is ALREADY installed on your forum / site. Do not remove it until an expert answers your message!

6. If you have something gone, somewhere you need to hide the right line or you just want to repaint this thing on the left - make a screenshot! And show what you want. You and experts with helpers may have a conflict of terminology, and can call "the things" different elements.

7. I recommend to read FAQ - How to quickly get technical assistance and solve your problem and follow these instructions when applying!