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Cost: 100$ *<br>
Description: Layout «Magic Moscow» for light design<br>

* The design will be sold exclusively (in one hand).<br>
** List of included in the price in description.<br>

<a href="/viewtopic.php?id=59" target="_blank" id="store">Buy now</a>


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detailed description

  • Adjusting the layout:
      • Replacing the logo for your project, removing/replacing the bird or icon of the PR button
      • Replacing background images of header and copyright (according to your preferences)
  • Detailed CSS coding
  • Archive with PSD-layout, all sources and codes
  • Installation and configuring the style and scripts
  • Other adjustments, changes and scripts are also possible
The layout is based on a free clipart.
I made a difficult work of coloring and collapsing background images in header and copyright, but if you want to replace them with something more suitable for your project - the replacement is included in the price.

Detailed layout - almost every element of the forum will be stylized and framed.
The logo in the header will be clickable.
Under the header is a mini-userpanel.
Optionally, a stylized PR button is integrated.
The forum menu will be vertical, to the right of the outline of the forum. Optionally, i can make it fixed (so that it is always at hand when scrolling the page).
The copyright block provides space for two text blocks and banners.
Non-standard layout of the Categories and List of topics.
Buttons for creating topics with a background image (glow with a hover and activation when pressed).
Detailed style of posts.
Profile outline for a fixed size of avatars (150x150)
A detailed style of all forms.
Also, the profile of the user, personal messages, userlist, etc will be made in the same style.